Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dining Suite Project

Over the Easter long weekend, hubby and I went shopping around the local second hand furniture and antique stores. I went in knowing I wanted to find a couple of cute and quirky vintage vases, but didn't have much luck. Then, we spotted a dining suite that would be perfect for our new place. It is hardwood, sturdy as you can get, seats 8, and has a rustic look, which we both liked.

We knew we wanted it, but thought we may check out a few shops next door, so went to leave the shop. The owner then asked if we would like it "held". I sort of laughed, and said "We will only be 10 minutes, but thanks, that would be good". Sure enough, when we returned, another couple were waiting aside to see if we would return as they wanted it. Lucky!

I knew I wanted a rich walnut colour, rather than the reddish brown it was, so we both got into sanding it back. This one is fully sanded.

I just realised in my flurry to get rid of the reddish brown, I didn't get a decent "before" picture, but here is the table in original condition. Some of the chairs have a lot more red in them.

First, I purchased a tin of Cabot's stain in "Walnut". It really didn't do anything with the colour, and allowed too much red to come through in the timber. 

Then we tried Integrain Natural Stain in "Charcoal", perfect! Here is the grubby tin.

The timber now has a nice dark walnut colour, and I'm really happy with it. Here are the chairs before/after.

I will need some chair cushions, especially with winter coming, so that will be my next mission.


  1. It looks lovely! Very well done! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  2. The chairs were a great find, the stain color looks fantastic! I found you from Miss Walker, I'm a follower now! Great blog.

  3. Oooo - looks good. I love the dark stain. Great find and lucky you.

  4. Wow, great chairs, well made and a great find.