Friday, February 25, 2011

A Friday Message

After a very hectic week, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an inspirational message from a friend. It is easy to become consumed in the work week, and the stress that often comes with it. It was perfect timing on this Friday morning, and I will keep this message in mind for my weekend.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Addition

I admit our home is very "cookie cutter" in style....It was designed by hubby & I, but built by a local building company. Seeing as it was only ever to be an investment for us, we went very safe with colours, fixtures and fittings. It is modern, and I happen to love all things vintage, so it can be a little hard getting the right look at times.
Anyway, last weekend, I decided I wanted to find a hall table for our foyer. The plan was to vist second hand furniture stores and antique stores for something cute with a drawer.

Within the morning, we had found this:

My original vision was to paint it white, and add a cute knob, maybe like one of these:

But now that it's there, I kind of like the appeal of the timber. The question is: To Paint or not to paint?
Timber is very warm, but I do love my white!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Houndstooth has always screamed "Uptown" to me. I think it became somewhat popular in the 80's/90's. My last memory of owning anything houndstooth was a pair of leggings I wore when I was 8. Enough said! However, I have found a few pieces that I quite like.

There is something feminine about this print, and it really has a different appeal in other colours aside from the traditional Black/White combo. What do you think?

Houndstooth Pillow in Pink by Glenna Jean

Houndstooth Ottoman in brown (via
Coasters (

How about this touch of Houndstooth in the kitchen? This one is from

I love this hallway. The rug is such a standout, and really makes the black frame pop (via

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Old School Stationers

For those of you are into all things OLD SCHOOL, you will love the designs from Old School Stationers (

Check out their cards, prints and journals, with colours reminiscent of the 70's, and designs that will get you thinking of "The Good Old Days"! Prints are block mounted, and ready to hang, while cards are blank, ready for you to personalise with your own words.

My fave: Camping Circa 1960's Journal

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Beautiful Birthday

It was my Birthday last week, and I was fortunate enough, not only to have the day off work (hello RDO), but to have spent it with my darling husband who took the day off just to spoil me. We swam, and laughed, and went out for a beautiful dinner. He even made me pancakes for breakfast & folded the clothes! Anyway, I couldn't pass up the chance to share a couple of pictures with you.

The first is a beautiful set of salad servers I received from my parents in law. Aren't they stunning? Look at the detail. I love them because they are elegant, and look as though they belong on a royal table. I have never seen a set quite like them. They picked them up from the UK while on holiday recently.

The second is my much loved M!mco handbag from hubby. The colour is a mix of brown and grey, and the leather feels just beautiful. I love the signature turn locks on the front too. Note to self: Do not spill lunch through this one!

Enjoy your week....The sun is shining.