Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Addition

I admit our home is very "cookie cutter" in style....It was designed by hubby & I, but built by a local building company. Seeing as it was only ever to be an investment for us, we went very safe with colours, fixtures and fittings. It is modern, and I happen to love all things vintage, so it can be a little hard getting the right look at times.
Anyway, last weekend, I decided I wanted to find a hall table for our foyer. The plan was to vist second hand furniture stores and antique stores for something cute with a drawer.

Within the morning, we had found this:

My original vision was to paint it white, and add a cute knob, maybe like one of these:

But now that it's there, I kind of like the appeal of the timber. The question is: To Paint or not to paint?
Timber is very warm, but I do love my white!


  1. Mmm, I have the same troubles. I love the look of painted wood tables, kitchen cabinets, etc., but actually putting paint to grain is hard to do for me. I love wood grain and, as someone who has done it, stripping paint from painted wood pieces is horrible and never looks the same. But, that table has great curves and lines that wood look stunning painted a crisp, glossy white. And the knobs you are pondering would look great.

  2. Thanks Tanya. I know what you mean....It's the classic, raw charm of the timber that is hard to resurrect once painted.
    Maybe that is a sign I should leave it as is, and just add some accessories on top.