Friday, February 11, 2011


Houndstooth has always screamed "Uptown" to me. I think it became somewhat popular in the 80's/90's. My last memory of owning anything houndstooth was a pair of leggings I wore when I was 8. Enough said! However, I have found a few pieces that I quite like.

There is something feminine about this print, and it really has a different appeal in other colours aside from the traditional Black/White combo. What do you think?

Houndstooth Pillow in Pink by Glenna Jean

Houndstooth Ottoman in brown (via
Coasters (

How about this touch of Houndstooth in the kitchen? This one is from

I love this hallway. The rug is such a standout, and really makes the black frame pop (via

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  1. Oooo - I'm such a sucker for houndstooth. Maybe, subconsciously, I love it because I'm a child of the 80s, but I think it has a more retro vibe. It looks great on midcentury furniture (I reupholstered by vintage kitchen chairs in it). Ultimately, it is pretty timeless (I also have a houndstooth throw in my living room) and looks great in all these photos - esp. the rug. So lovely!!