Friday, January 7, 2011

With hubby away for work, I have been reading some of my neglected design mags at bedtime. There are so many beautiful and creative things that give me inspiration. I love all kinds of furniture, and there are certain timeless pieces that I can't see disappearing any time soon. My favourite would have to be the iconic Adirondeck chair. It's wide arm rests make it perfect for resting that afternoon beverage.

You can purchase these in raw timber, but will usually find them in white (my favourite). I just discoved a company that makes a coordinating ottoman, brilliant! Visit for a great range of colours.

Runner up is the wingback chair. Although it is technically a period piece, you would be surprised just how at home it looks in a modern space. Perfect for a reading chair, it is one you just have to have in the master bedroom or right by the fireplace. Add a luxurious cushion and it will steal the show. Find this one at The Early Settler

And for a modern take....You can find this at

Have a great day!

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