Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mini Makeover

There were several pieces of furniture left in our place when we bought it, including this chest of drawers.

Yes, it's a bit mank looking, but I figured I could do something with it, as it seemed a shame to just throw it out. We have way too much space, and very little furniture to fill it!

The timber was in average condition, so I started by giving it a light sand all over.

I wanted a nice crisp white to match some of my other furniture, so opted for Taubmans √Časy Coat Acrylic in Gloss white.

A couple of coats, and it was looking much better

I then added some new handles, keeping with the classic style.

And the finished product. Looking much better! I now have some extra storage and something to fill the empty walls with.

Total Cost of drawer makeover: $50 for handles. Paint used was for existing renovations.

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