Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Renovation Madness

It’s been so long since I posted! I have neglected my blog, and sadly have not been getting my daily dose of all the lovely bloggers I follow. My husband and I have been so busy with renovating our place, but the good news is I have lots of updates and photos to post!

I have also started a new job, so have been very preoccupied! I now work from the most amazing display homes. I have made the move to work in an area closer to the heart, and home, meaning I work with houses every day. With so much eye candy, I am in idea overload for our own home.

I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone, and we have got so much done. There is still a LOT to go, but finishing a room here and there is my inspiration to keep at it! Don’t you just love that feeling of making something new again?

The first room that we finished (except furnishings - I have to save up for some key pieces!) is the dining room.


The framed section to the left is where we have enclosed the old hallway. This is now our new closet! The opening to the right is the new hallway.

We had a VERY rough room to work with. Old grey carpet, wine coloured walls (??!!), a black coffered ceiling, and a chocolate brown aluminium slider door.

New gyprock ceiling in progress...

You can see where we enclosed the old hallway, and created a new doorway
and linen closet below. This new hallway leads to the master suite and office.

Below is the room painted and ready for the bamboo floor to be laid. We chose bamboo as it is extremely durable.

Here it is being laid. Like most floating floors, it is relatively simple to lay. You just need a good quality underlay, and clean cuts in the bamboo, ensuring to allow at least 10mm each end or so for swelling and contracting.

Almost there....Here you can see my hubby and our builder doing the finishing touches. Hubby working barefoot - as usual!

And finally, TA DA!! Completed, with architraves. The wall colour is Dulux "Musing"in half strength. It is a great muted tone with a grey/brown base, and it adds some warmth to the dining room. Master Oliver is quite impressed...

We purchased this ceiling fan from Beacon Lighting. I really wanted something different for this room. Many of the other rooms have pendant lights, however I felt this room would look too cluttered with pendants AND a fan, so this fan serves as the feature.

We also installed down lights, but kept it to a minimum so the lighting is not too intense for a dining area.

Finally, here are the new french doors finished in Dulux "White on White".

The room tends to swallow the dining table a little, so I am on the hunt for some extra furniture and a buffet.

You will also notice the doorway leading into the kitchen is quite small. When we eventually renovate the kitchen, I plan to open this up to adjoin the dining room. What do you think?

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  1. You're forgiven, only because you've done so much work. But come back to blogland!!!