Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here Cometh the Renovations

I have a myriad of emotions right now. We are selling our 6 month old home in a suburban area, to move into a big old homestead. We built our home at the same time we planned our wedding, so it was a crazy but memorable experience for us, and of course, our first home together.

We are very excited to be making this move, as we have been wanting the country lifestyle and some breathing room for some time now.....BUT I am also going to miss the new and lovely house that we have now made "home". It was only ever a 12 month plan, but we have got to love the place. Luckily, we will only be 5-10 minutes further from Newcastle where we both work.

Even though I love design, being creative, and drooling over lovely homes, I am actually scared about what we will do here! Here is the front:

The lounge room will be an interesting project, as it is 12mx6m with a catherdral ceiling. I don't know what furniture to fill it with, and will need to purchase some as I fear the space will feel a little too much like a Church hall! Under the blue paint, wallpaper, and sad carpet, I think there is a beautiful room...

There are some really "interesting" features in this house. Cue the downstairs bathroom with chocolate tub...

The upstairs area is another dilemma, with a very odd bathroom layout. I would like to one day renovate this completely (no picture yet sorry). There is also a bar downstairs. More on that later!

I am thinking of going with a timber floor, or a bamboo floor throughout. I am not sure which is best though? Ideally, I want a nice mix of classic and contemporary features. Recommendations?

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