Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My First Bouquet Creation

So I got all creative and put together the wedding bouquets for my sister Friday night. I had a few ideas in mind, and like the soft and varied bouquets, but she really wanted simple rose posies. The plan was for ivory roses, however there was a little more variation in the buds than expected. One of the other bridesmaids collected them and assured her that it really didn't matter, and that they would look great anyway.

So, from there, I got to work. The tones ranged all the way from ivory, to a slight green, pink and apricot. I think they will come up nice in the photographs, simple but pretty. OK for a first attempt I think, and she was really happy with them at least.

I would love to experiment more with flower arranging. Maybe something for Mothers Day, which is just around the corner. Does anyone have any special plans for their dear Mum?

The Bride's Bouquet


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  1. I love the bouquets you made - the variation in the roses is gorgeous!