Friday, April 15, 2011

Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

I am very excited and happy today. My big sister gets married tomorrow! It brings back all the memories and good feelings I had when I got married, not quite a year ago. I had a very soft and feminine theme to my own wedding, and had the most beautiful flowers, created by Peonies Floral Designer.

The florist did a beautiful job, and mixed a series of ivory, blush and antique roses, with mini buds and freesias...Do you not LOVE the smell of freesias? Here are the bouquets below.

Anyway, the REAL reason I wanted to post today was because of the most creative and unique bouquet I spotted this week. A local girl who was married recently chose a "Garden Tea Party" theme for her wedding! It was absolutely stunning, but for me, the most impressive creation was her bouquet. It was made by a series of BUTTONS! Yes, stems of wire, with buttons all the way along, and in theme of the Garden Tea Party. Here it is.

Can you see the tiny tea cup and saucer?

Photos by Imprint Imaging

Isn't is great? I am creating my sisters Rose bouquets this evening for the BIG DAY tomorrow. I will post pics of the finished product soon.

Have a great weekend! x


  1. Congrats to your sister. Please post pics of the bouquet-I know it will be gorgeous!!!

    P.S. the button bouquet is so creative, and turned out so pretty!

  2. Gosh - this button bouquet is so unusual!