Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello Again...

Now that I have returned from Europe, MOVED HOUSE, and finished up the End of Financial Year at work, I am free to get some blog lovin'! How nice it is.

I am sure all of you on the other side of the world are enjoying beautiful summer days right now. We are tolerating the gloomy, wet winter here in Oz, and what I would give to get some sunny days off to paint! We have just moved onto a property with a stack of trees surrounding the house, making for some COLD times : (. I am a bit of a greeny, but in this case, some of the lovely trees just HAVE to go.

My home is pretty much a nightmare right now. We have bare walls, a bathroom that needs gutting, a second bathroom that also needs gutting (but is liveable - for now!), carpet to be pulled up in some areas, and the remaining floors (bare and tiled) are just killing me. PLUS, we have 7 sets of chocolate brown (yes) sliding doors that need pulling out and replacing with something a little more pretty.

We have so far created a walk in closet, new hallway, and re-plastered 2 downstairs bedrooms, of which one will be ours. Oh, and built a second linen cupboard for that end of the house. A girls' gotta have space for all that linen!

Coming back to the blogosphere has made me CRAZY with wanting to get stuff finished and just pretty everything up in general. Project #1 is the main bedroom and ensuite, so I am on the hunt for cute double vanity ideas. I would like white to dominate the room (as usual).

Here is some current inspiration:

Gorgeous pendant lights make this my fave...

Pedestals with cabinet storage...

Classic white...

Although the style probably wouldn't suit our place, I do love this GLAM bathroom, via

I think having 2 individual vanity units looks luxurious, and I just love the idea of having a cabinet for all my own things! (Some needed, some not so).

What do you think?


  1. LOVE these rooms! The last bathroom is especially modern. SO glad you're back!!

  2. I love the first pic. Its just pefect!