Friday, July 22, 2011


It is so much nicer to post pretty pictures of a finished and well designed room, but I thought I would share a few pics of where our house is at. They are the honest and ugly "before" pictures that I will hopefully look back on in the near future and say "wow, hasn't it come so far!" We have only been in our house 5 weeks, and the renovations are well under way.

For those of you that don't know, hubby and I just sold our brand new home that we designed and built, and have moved to an older, much larger homestead on 20 acres. Bye bye lovely new white surfaces. Hello crazy wall colours, mismatched carpet, and old school decor.

Excuse the poor photos, but you get the idea.

Here is the dining area.

This bedroom will be ours. Black vaulted ceiling anyone?

This is the second downstairs bedroom. I think I will keep these doors and give them a little TLC, then see how they look.

Cue the worst part of the house - The downstairs bathroom. Eek!!

The kitchen was never completed by the previous owner. They actually purchased more property and left this house for 3 years, so we have a LOT do do. Lucky I have a very handy husband! Here is what is looked like when we moved in:

Here is the dining room with more crazy features and deep pink paint. Oh dear. The doorway to the left is where we have created a new hallway to 2 of the bedrooms, our walk in wardrobe, and our ensuite.

This is the lounge room. The peak of the ceiling in here is just under 7 metres high. The last owners left it without lighting, as they couldn't reach to change the globes! You can see the fireplace area, which we just purchased a new iron surround and mantle for.

Before the adjacent wall to the 2 downstairs bedrooms was plastered. New french doors are in the background!

Part of our 'backyard'

And lastly, one of the pendant lights we just installed in the kitchen. This room will be last on the list, so it needed something.

I will post some updates along the way. Have a happy weekend!


  1. Wow, that's so awesome. Can't wait to see all the updates. Have a lovely weekend!!

  2. Wow - you are going to have a lot to blog about! But the home has such lovely potential!